Banner Isra Mi'raj / Ramadhan Design cdr

In 1439 Hijriyyah / 2018 AD today, the Memorial Day of Islam Isra 'Mi'raj fall on Saturday, April 14, 2018. Well on this occasion we get the task of making banner isra'mi'raj design. Finally we also surf the internet and get some inspiration and download it, then we kreasikan by taking the design one and in combine with other designs to produce different works. This isra mi'raj activity is common in content with pengajian and shalawat, the splendor of Muslims is so big pda this warning.
The extraordinary events experienced by the prophet Muhammad at that time, where almost everyone does not believe in what is experienced by the prophet. But along with the times and the advancement of technology, the event began to be reasoned with very much evidence. However, in the Mi'raj incident, until now no one has been able to surpass it except only until the moon and its surroundings.

The design of this banner can be used for banner of General Studies, Ramadan, birth anniversary of the Prophet, Shalawat, and the like.

Here is an example of the creation of the merging design that I downloaded from several sites with the techniques of Observing, Mirroring, and Modification: If you are interested in the Banner Mi'raj 1439 H / 2018 M Banner Warning version of coreldraw (cdr) please comment by leaving email, are you interested?
if you are interested in this design, click here to download.

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